Bertandinglah Ahok. I’m out.

Mind in progress: Ardi Wirdamulia

We deserve the leader we elect. Agak sulit untuk menerjemahkan kata deserve di sini. Karena ini bukan soal layak atau pantas. Ini soal beroleh ganjaran atas pilihan kita. Atau mungkin cermin.

Drama sudah dimulai dua tahun yang lalu. Konfrontasi dengan H. Lulung dalam kasus UPS adalah suatu set-up dalam grand scenario. Mempertahankan jabatan di 2017.

Butiran benih persepsi sudah mulai ditanam. Bersih vs Korup. Karena ini yang akan jadi kunci untuk memikat voter. Ahok dan konsultan politiknya tahu, mereka butuh untuk melakukan demonisasi lawan-lawannya.

Salah satu narasi awalnya adalah nyali untuk melawan hegemoni partai yang dianggap biang kebobrokan pemerintahan. Kita beli.

Pada momen yang tepat, Ahok mengembalikan kartu anggota partai Gerindranya. Saya ingatkan buat yang lupa. Ini soal pilihan pilkada langsung vs tak langsung. Dikemas dengan nada seolah pilkada pilihan DPRD hanya akan menghasilkan pemimpin yang korup.

Anda akan lihat bangunan argumennya didasari oleh prasangka. Sesuatu yang dia tolak…

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Because You are My Kids. 

Mind in progress: Ardi Wirdamulia

Kids, in these few years, you’ll become teenagers. Difficult time. But I know you’ve prepared.

You think that’s all about physical changes and attraction to opposite sex. It is not. It is about discovering who you are.

But most importantly, you should learn how to make a good decision. For your life. For your happiness.

You will tempted to cut corners. You will try to find an easy way out. But that is not what I teach you. And you know it.

Decision, as I teach you, has many components. The viable alternatives, the cost and benefit and random event you call it luck.

Be perceptive. The difference between smart and less smart people is their capabilities to generate alternatives for problem at hands. Think.

You maybe think you only has two choices. Think again. Maybe the third alternative, the better one, is just around the corner.

Kids, every…

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Wu Li Master. A Dance Without Dancer.

Mind in progress: Ardi Wirdamulia

I came across a quantum physic book years ago. The Dancing Wu Li Master by Gary Zukav. I read it more than ten times since. It is an awesome book.

I like the way the book describes the reality of sub atomic level. In a way it is far from sterile, boring discussion. But instead, it is rich, profound and ultimately philosophical. As the tittle suggests, it brings eastern philosophy in understanding quantum physic. What an approach!

And I have to admit that book changes my view on how I see my reality.
It opens my eyes that the very foundation of our physical universe is mostly void. Worst, it is even not a “thing”. It is just tendencies to exist. Confused?

Okay. Let’s use our intuitive approach. Let’s visualize the electron and nucleus in an atom as a planet and the star. However, the orbit is not a circle…

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Love. Among other things.

‘Never Give In’
(I lost my words about this phrase)

Mind in progress: Ardi Wirdamulia

Kids, let me tell you something about yearning for love. Because face it. Like it or not, that is part of life.

I am not talking about the path that bring you there. Maybe you can not find someone. Maybe they don’t see you. Doesn’t matter.

Suppose you do. Years from now. I just want you to remember that I give these words to you. Never give in.

Kids, love is an idea. An ideal even. Sort of things which even the smartest person can not really define. You just know.

The deep longing for someone special can be blinding, sometimes. You fill your days with sadness. I understand. I was there.

But kids, you’d better be true to your feeling. Because they don’t lie. Don’t force love. It won’t be fair. It won’t be far.

Never give in. Because your very soul knows that you’re just afraid you…

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