Wu Li Master. A Dance Without Dancer.

Mind in progress: Ardi Wirdamulia

I came across a quantum physic book years ago. The Dancing Wu Li Master by Gary Zukav. I read it more than ten times since. It is an awesome book.

I like the way the book describes the reality of sub atomic level. In a way it is far from sterile, boring discussion. But instead, it is rich, profound and ultimately philosophical. As the tittle suggests, it brings eastern philosophy in understanding quantum physic. What an approach!

And I have to admit that book changes my view on how I see my reality.
It opens my eyes that the very foundation of our physical universe is mostly void. Worst, it is even not a “thing”. It is just tendencies to exist. Confused?

Okay. Let’s use our intuitive approach. Let’s visualize the electron and nucleus in an atom as a planet and the star. However, the orbit is not a circle…

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