Because You are My Kids. 

Mind in progress: Ardi Wirdamulia

Kids, in these few years, you’ll become teenagers. Difficult time. But I know you’ve prepared.

You think that’s all about physical changes and attraction to opposite sex. It is not. It is about discovering who you are.

But most importantly, you should learn how to make a good decision. For your life. For your happiness.

You will tempted to cut corners. You will try to find an easy way out. But that is not what I teach you. And you know it.

Decision, as I teach you, has many components. The viable alternatives, the cost and benefit and random event you call it luck.

Be perceptive. The difference between smart and less smart people is their capabilities to generate alternatives for problem at hands. Think.

You maybe think you only has two choices. Think again. Maybe the third alternative, the better one, is just around the corner.

Kids, every…

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